Backend Introduction

With the Python language under your belt, it's time to start shaping things up to a point where you can start creating real products and make yourself employable.

So what is a backend developer? A backend developer is the developer that sits between graphical applications like web-sites and desktop software, and the place where data is kept, in databases. You are the glue in the middle.

The backend developer will write code and products that are responsible for shifting data in and out of databases and serving it to a consumer that wants to use that data. You might also write programs that perform interesting calculations or solve very specific problems using data.

For example, the task for a backend application might be to crunch over a months worth of sales transactions to produce reports and then email them to people at the end of every month. There is nothing graphical about that, but the process happens, in the backend.

You can make your entire career focused around backend development. In contrast, you can also be a frontend developer that handles building UI applications or web-sites. You may also have heard the term "Full Stack Developer" - this simply means a developer that can do both the frontend and backend development required for a product or system.

Elements of Backend Development

The following is a list of learning points that we're going to go through as a minimum requirement to getting you established as a backend developer:

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